precision-other-productAt Precision Family Haircare we provide top quality hair color, highlighting and styling services using Yensey products and color imported from Spain. Yensey color has been providing beautiful color to professionals for over 25 years. This unique color covers grays while leaving a rich tone that doesn’t fade before your next appointment.



precision-redkenWe also use Redken Shades EQ Color Gloss. The #1 long lasting non-ammonia Demi permanent hair color. Whether you want to refresh your color, blend the grays, change the tone or just to give your hair some extra shine.




precision-redken-menFor men we have Color Camo. To fully cover the gray or just blend them in. Camo Color for Men slowly fades out so you never have a root to touch up.




precision-sukeshaFor our all natural clients we have organic products from All-Nutrient and Sukesha. They have no sulfates or alcohol to keep color from fading.They are earth friendly products to nourish, protect and revitalize your hair. They are also cruelty free!